The ATM…. It is a representation of your brand—your image. As the most highly used customer access channel in retail banking, the ATM is a critical touch point. Increased transaction capabilities and COVID-19 concerns have led to a greater use and demand of ATMs nationwide.

But what about your ATMs? Think of all the different hands touching the screen, keypad, money dispensed out, and the ATM debit cards used in so many places. All of this suggests how dirty the ATM can really be.

Do you want to make sure that this customer channel is clean and functioning at its best?

ATM/Kiosk cleanings and inspections are on the rise within financial institutions as they help ensure an excellent customer experience. What offerings can Ellsworth Systems provide to improve your customers’ experience while using your ATM?




We use environmental-friendly products and will clean your entire ATM, kiosk building and floors. Inside the kiosk building we will clean and replace HVAC filters, remove mildew growth, cobwebs, check security devices, ensure signage compliance, and discard old messages and signs.

Customers have become more aware of the spread of germs and want to know that their financial institution is doing everything they can to keep them safe. Disinfecting on a consistent basis on such a critical component as the ATM, reflects an appreciation for your customer-base and their well-being.





Ellsworth Systems will inspect the surrounding area for security issues, check Kiosk roofs for debris and proper drainage, check the stability of bollard and clearance poles, confirm Network Logos are properly positioned or missing, and check for pinhole cameras around the ATM.

In order to further ensure the safety of your facility, we will also inspect power outlets, roof drainpipes, fascia LED lights, verify if data cables are enclosed in proper conduits, and check for skimmers.





In our inspection, we will provide photos and report any items that need to be addressed immediately. Some examples of common reports include:

  • AC/Heat is not working properly for the necessary ATM conditions.
  • Pest infiltration – Rats, mice, fire ants, poisonous spiders.
  • Fire Extinguishers are outdated.