Electronic Security

Security is of constant worry in our ever-changing society and safeguarding people, data, and assets is crucial. Ellsworth Systems will work with you to design and implement a security plan that integrates electronic and physical solutions such as access control, monitoring, interior and exterior cameras, drive-up banking systems, safes, and vaults.

Your Peace of Mind is the Top Priority

Knowing your assets are secure is what matters most. By partnering with industry leading manufacturers, we provide the latest in intrusion alarm, access control, and video surveillance solutions. 24-hour monitoring and flexibility in operation keeps you instantly informed of events, empowering you to respond efficiently and appropriately. Meet with our dedicated team of experts in the financial and commercial industries to design a comprehensive security solution.

Our Electronic Security Options
Intrusion Alarm

Get alerted, and respond. Take control of your alarm system from anywhere at any time using a mobile app. Our systems are capable of using the latest secure wireless technologies for alarm detection and signal transmission. Touchscreen keypads provide visual appeal, and also offer contactless operation to promote health and safety. Combined with top level alarm monitoring, you will always be notified of alarm events, and the ability to dispatch the authorities.

Access Control

Track, audit, and control who can enter areas within your facility using physical or mobile credential types as well as video entry devices. Increase security to sensitive areas using dual authentication and biometrics. Lock and unlock doors, block and unblock access, or lockdown a site remotely using a mobile app. Ensure access to your facility is secure while maintaining code compliant egress.

Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on your facility inside and out. With the latest enhancements in IP video technology, you will always have on demand access to live and recorded video on or off site with PC and mobile based applications. Increase surveillance capabilities with video analytics by setting up loitering, people counting, queuing, or line cross alerts to provide instant notification of suspect events. Increase video coverage with less cost using 360 degree fisheye lens virtual PTZ cameras.

At Ellsworth Systems, we’ve been in the business of consulting, designing, and implementing equipment and security for our customers for over 30 years. We have industry leading experts to help walk you through the design process for projects of any caliber or size. We also offer the ability to monitor and maintain your new security solution through our service offerings. Let us know how we can be a partner to you on your next retail or commercial opportunity.