Automation helps with tasks such as preparing bank deposits, increases transaction speeds, improves security on-site and more by creating a more efficient workplace by allowing your employees to serve more customers.

J-717 currency counter


The J-717 is a highly reliable yet very economical friction currency counter born of almost 60 years experience and technical accumulation at Laurel. Able to count up to 1,500 notes per minute in one of three variable counting speeds, it boasts a 500 note hopper and an automatic/manual start setting.


The J-737 has all the attributes of the J-717 while adding a Magnetic Counterfeit Detection feature.

TBS CD-2000 Currency Discriminator

The CD-2000 is a state-of-the-art discriminator featuring: Quick Booting System, User-friendly Interface, Multi-Currency Processing, Easy Maintenance from Front and Rear Sides, 3.2″ TFT Color LCD Display, Option for 2-line Display or Dual Screen Display, Roller Fiction Type Drive and Easy Software Upgrade through USB Port.


The future in cash recycling is here. Increase your branch’s efficiency, security and cost control with the very affordable and user-friendly LTA-350 by LG.

Cash Complete Product Line and Recycling Solutions

CashComplete™ software is the ultimate solution for superior financial and operational control of cash. The Management software can be shared by local departments for faster operations and maintenance. The Enterprise program of CashComplete™ software is ideal for central monitoring and connectivity with external store systems for higher automation. The CashComplete™ RCS Solution transforms your cash handling into smart cash management, improving your business at all levels. Paired with our unique suite of software the RCS Solution is a strong back office solution for any market.