Efficiency. Security. Innovation.

More than just our company motto, efficiency, security, and innovation is what Ellsworth Systems can offer you and your financial institution.

Ellsworth Systems serves best by listening to our customers.  Our process involves analyzing your objectives, goals, and needs; and from that we work with you to build the best product and/or service solutions for you.

Full Circle.  Fit to Your Specifications.

Superior financial products that allow your institution to be more efficient, profitable, and secure.  Ellsworth’s product offerings include currency counters, cash recyclers, desktop equipment, vaults, interactive ATMs, and more!  It doesn’t stop there—ESI ensures that installation of your new equipment goes smoothly and that employees are comfortable with using the new product.

Take it another step further, are you having issues with one of your pieces of financial equipment?  Properly functioning equipment ensures your institution is running efficiently and at its best.  Whether you bought your product from us or not, Ellsworth can service your financial equipment at the site or at our depot facility. 

Security is of constant worry in our ever-changing society and safeguarding people, data, and assets is critical to the success of any financial institution.  Electronic and physical security measures can be taken to ensure the treasure trove of personal information and monetary resources of your financial institution, as well as your personnel, stay protected.  Ellsworth Systems will work with you to design and implement a security plan that integrates electronic services such as access control and monitoring in addition to physical services like interior and exterior cameras, drive-up banking systems, and safes or vaults.

The financial industry has evolved over time, but has your financial institution?  Mobile banking, video tellers and call centers, as well as deposit automation have all pushed banking and finance into a new era.  Let us work with you to update your branch through design and transformation, both aesthetically and digitally.

Ellsworth Systems’s financial and retail solutions are tailored to fit the need of your financial institution and are created with efficiency, security, and innovation in mind.  Contact us today to start creating a program that is best suited for you and your financial institution.