Electronic Security for your company is vital.  Electronic security options include access control systems, biometric devices, DVR’s/NVR’s and surveillance cameras that provide you with extra peace of mind that your employees and business are protected.  Our electronic security service commitment ensures your requests are responded to promptly and professionally.

Access control is a security technique that is used by companies to electronically regulate, monitor, and audit physical access to specific areas within a facility. Modern access control systems are a non-intrusive way to add security without disrupting daily operations. It also eliminates the security risk (like lost or duplicate keys) that come with traditional lock and key systems.

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Virtual Keypad provides access to your company’s security through the DMP Virtual Keypad app provides you with full mobile control and peace of mind. Gain access control on door locks, thermostats, lights and security all in one place. Choose your level of protection, set alerts you want to receive, manage system schedules, control multiple devices with one tap, and manage multiple systems seamlessly from one app.

Cameras monitor and provide a digital recording of events. Access to the entire view of your business from anywhere at any time using your computer or mobile device. Services Include: Remote Management, Indoor/Outdoor Security Cameras, Guard Tours & Video Escort, Full Surveillance Solutions. We can assist with choosing the right surveillance system for your institution whether it be IP, Analog, or a TVI solution.

Digital video recorders (DVRs) and network video recorders (NVRs) come in various models and both record cameras and offer similar options, but record by different transmission methods.Digital video recorders (DVRs) are synonymous with recording analog or coax-based cameras. Newer HD-SDI or HD-CVI cameras also transmit via coax cable and also use DVRs to record. So in short, a DVR records cameras that are connected via a coax cable.  A network video recorder (NVR) records IP cameras that are transmitted via a network cable. These cameras connect to an NVR either by way of a network switch or router and in some cases directly to the recorder itself.

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Alarm Monitoring services include a full staff of monitoring professionals that operate 24/7 in Syracuse NY, with a full redundant center in California to ensure 100% service all the time. Operators identify people vs. false alarms using advanced video analytics and transactions and use data to determine if there is a valid threat. Furthermore, operators can notify dispatchers of the description of an intruder during dispatch so officers are better prepared and have better, more detailed information prior to arrival. 

Physical Security products are key components of any financial institution. Ellsworth Systems provides a variety of product choices to meet your physical equipment needs and can service all equipment typically found in the marketplace.  We install and maintain vacuum tube drive-thru systems, safes, modular vaults, safe deposit boxes and more.  Ellsworth Systems offers superior service to ensure a solid return on your investment while offering our customer choices in manufacturers as well as technological advances.  

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