Product Spotlight: Hyosung

A graphic of the hyosung logo and one of their ATMs

Bank products are advancing to lower the chances of human error and improve both productivity and security. One of the leading innovators in this industry is Hyosung.

The banking industry has innovated its processes dramatically over the years. Gone are the days of tellers painstakingly counting every note by hand again and again to make sure no mistakes are made. Now, bank products are advancing to lower the chances of human error and to increase both productivity and security. Hyosung is one of the leading innovators in this industry.

Who is Hyosung?

Hyosung, Inc. was originally founded in South Korea in 1966 and has since expanded into a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate with subsidiaries around the globe in a number of different industries. Hyosung America, established in 1999, is based in the United States and specializes in bank products ranging from ATMs and cash recyclers to branch transformation technology. Hyosung America is the leading and fastest growing ATM innovator in the United States and provides products for both retail and financial services industries. They pride themselves on being one of the most financially stable and highest valued companies in the industry. Their products are all state-of-the art and of the highest quality.

ATMs by Hyosung

The Monimax 7800I is a financial ATM designed to be free-standing for use as an island drive-up bank ATM. This ATM requires very little maintenance and has a high uptime, making it one of the most reliable ATMs in existence. It can be fully self-service, or users can choose to receive help from on-demand video assistance. The Monimax 7800I is user-friendly and can handle a large variety of transactions with core integration, including bill payment, withdrawals, transfers of funds, and more. The ATM also includes energy-saving features such as low-energy LCD. It is manufactured with parts that will last a long time, and it automates deposits to save paper, both of which make the ATM more environmentally friendly. The Monimax 7800I also comes with advanced features that will provide added security for customers.

The Halo II is a sleek, attractive ATM designed for retail use. The user interface is easy to use and is displayed in color LCD on a 10.1-inch screen. The Halo II uses the best and most reliable cash dispensing technology in the industry. These ATMs include all the latest banking technology, including EMV card readers, cardless transactions, Dynamic Currency Conversion, and more. The Halo II comes with all the necessary security measures to keep cash and information safe, such as open-door sensors, e-lock, certified business safe, and Transport Layer Security encryption. ATM owners can increase the value of the machine by charging percentage-based surcharges. The operator menu program is user-friendly and includes many features that other retail ATMs do not, such as application software updates occurring remotely and ways to manage ATM data over the Internet.

Hyosung Cash Recycler

In addition to innovative ATMs, Hyosung also provides top-of-the-line cash recyclers. A cash recycler is a machine that bank tellers use to count, authenticate, and store cash. This type of cash automation reduces human error, improves productivity and efficiency, and increases branch security.

The MoniSafe 500, otherwise known as the MS-500, is a state-of-the-art cash recycler. This machine is the most digitally secure and fastest cash recycler on the market. To keep cash secure, the MS-500 uses an external transit cassette system, which limits the amount of cash exposed. It allows cash to be added and removed without opening the safe, adding extra branch security. The machine fits well between two tellers so that they can both use the same one, and it has blue lights that designate which teller is in use at any given time. The MS-500 allows for continuous feed, meaning large deposits can be processed all at once, and it counts 15 to 20 notes per second and can dispense up to 20 notes per second. This reduces transaction time significantly. The cash recycler has a very high capacity with the ability to hold a total of 14,000 notes. The machine has a built-in currency counter and authenticator and sorts bills based on denomination. When it comes time to audit, the MS-500 provides a quick count of the number of notes in each denomination. This saves tellers from having to manually count each note, thus reducing risks of human error.

Bank Product Installation and Services

Hyosung’s bank products are reliable, efficient, secure, and user-friendly. That is why Ellsworth Systems offers the full line of Hyosung financial products. Our focus is on efficiency, security, and innovation, and we only sell products that fit these principles. If you are looking to add an ATM to your bank or retail location, we can provide you with an innovative, personalized solProution to meet your needs. If your goal is to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing errors, then we can help you achieve this goal with a cash recycler. We can meet your bank product needs where you are at today. To start improving your financial services systems, give us a call at 615-778-9100 or contact us online to learn more about our products and services.