If your employees are manually counting change, a cash transaction consumes a full eight seconds more than it would if you were using automated coin dispensing. Multiply eight seconds by every cash transaction in your business. Counting change manually begins to add up time and room for error. By automating this process, employees move on to more productive tasksCoin automation management processes transactions quickly and efficiently. 

DTC 6000

The latest DTC solution is designed to satisfy the market’s need for reliable and modern cash processing. It is a strong performer in sorting and counting, as well as in rejecting foreign and damaged coins. Through the unique sensor technology the solution offers outstanding accuracy, combined with reliable functions. Maximise the efficiency at the same time as you increase the accuracy, enabling you to focus on more profitable tasks.

Cash Complete

The CashComplete™ RCS Solution transforms your cash handling into smart cash management, improving your business at all levels. Paired with our unique suite of software the RCS Solution is a strong back office solution for any market.

CDS 820J

The Cash Deposit System is SCAN COIN’s flagship, being the first solution of its kind on the market. Today it is spread worldwide and recognized for its high performance and accuracy. The proven best-in-class technology, based on more than 25 years of experience has been put into the CDS 820J. This solution is ready to meet the future demands and the toughest requirements on the market.

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