The NCR SelfServ ATM Family is the self-service financial experience your retail branches and customers have been awaiting. Whether it’s the SelfServ 80 Series, featuring a range of new premium through the wall and interior lobby multifunction, drive- up ATMs for dispense, deposit and cash recycling, or the SelfServ 20 Series premium through the wall and interior lobby cash dispense ATMs, you will have just what your customers want and your branches need to give consumers choice and flexibility to carry out their transactions conveniently.

NCR SelfServe 4 (Slimline)

Suitable for any indoor location, the NCR SelfServ 4 is a compact financial kiosk that complements your tellers and ATMs. Migrating routine transactions like bill payments, appointment management, card dispense, product discovery and account maintenance onto the NCR SelfServ 4, gives your customers more choice of when and where they transact with their financial institution, whether in branch or off site. All this means your branch staff can dedicate more time to customer service, focusing on high-value product sales and cross-selling.

NCR SelfServ 80 Series

The NCR 80 Series also offers the widest range of configurations including dual dispense, recycling and mixed media deposit/dispense. Many of these modules offer an increase in cassette capacity as well as deposit and dispense size to ensure your network can serve your customers where and when they demand.


Designed to offer your customer a choice of self-service, or remote assisted service, NCR Interactive Teller gives you the option to open a new type of branch in smaller and non-traditional locations without the need for onsite teller infrastructure. Extend the footprint of your branch network and bring your brand closer to your customers without the costs of opening a full-service branch.