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About Our Depot Service:

Depot service has become very popular with our clients who are looking for an inexpensive way to provide optimally functioning products to their end users. This type of service is especially popular with customers that require nationwide coverage. Also, we support front line service organizations. The extent of the service our depot provides depends upon the needs of the client. Our depot can provide service that include the following:

Equipment tracking and documentation

Each piece of serialized equipment has its own history. We keep up with various tracking data, including where it is, where it has been, and the last time it was repaired.

Equipment inventory management

We offer several inventory management services, from initial surveys of equipment at all your locations, to management of your float pool at our location.

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Work with current service providers to reduce number of vendors

If you have an in house service provider that has “holes” in their service offering, we can back up your provider with depot service on the equipment that they don’t work on, giving you one source for all repairs.

Refurbishment of equipment to “like new” condition

In our full rebuild program, we replace every wear part, replace the covers with newly painted ones, and make all the repairs required to make the equipment “new”.

Warehousing of unused equipment

ESI has the space and the management tools to store your unused equipment in various states of repair so that you have quick backups and so you always know where your assets are.

Secure packaging for your equipment

ESI offers custom packaging as an option for customers that don’t keep original boxes or for boxes that are too worn for repetitive shipping. Based on the volume of equipment, we store this packaging in our facility as well.

Let Us Design a Depot Program That Will Fit Your Needs

ESI has as many depot programs as it has depot customers. Every program is designed completely around the customer’s needs and budget. We have time and material programs, fee plus material programs, and fixed cost programs. Each of these can include various levels of inventory management and tracking.

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Our most popular depot program, by far, is our complete rebuild, float pool system.

Typically, we establish a float pool, which the customer buys and stores in our Depot Facility. When a unit needs repair in the field, it is shipped to us and we ship a new or rebuilt unit from the float pool as a replacement. In some instances, the float pool is stored at a third party facility and a contract front line service group makes the switch.

When we rebuild a piece of equipment, it will pass for new. We have the covers professionally repainted, replace all wear parts, and completely rebuild the unit.

The float pool is an especially important component of the program. Therefore, the best candidates for Depot Service are customers with large volumes of common equipment and customers that allow liberal substitution.

The first step in defining the scope of a program is a detailed listing of equipment and locations. ESI will go to each location and inventory product as an option.

Because of the varied needs of our customers, no two Depot Agreements look alike. The customer’s needs come first and must be understood to create a scope of activity that will benefit both parties.

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