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6515 silver

CRS 6515

The REIS CRS 6515 Self-Service Coin Deposit System is simple on the outside, but on the inside, a world of technology. Designed for the financial, retail and grocery markets, this machine is designed to be user friendly with a simple one button operation. For the operator or teller, a time saving investment, the CRS 6515 counts and sorts coin into bags which can be set to accept up to full fed bag, or can be counted into a mixed bin.

Wood kiosk image Customizable kiosks(wood grain shown) are available.

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The model E-320 is a rail coin sorter that can count and sort up to eight coin denominations. It utilizes the very latest (foreign) coin detection system Coinsure Adaptive®. The sorting is done corresponding to the coin diameter. It has a large inspection tray to allow the coins to be cleaned before entry into the hopper. Output is to a single drawer or bag or coin roll tube (optional) per denomination. Operator ID can also be registered on any printout or data transfer.


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PRC 100

This product line represents a very cost effective concept
of coin processing. The PRC 100 is mainly used for counting coins or tokens. It can continuously count (CC) and count to a preset number (PC). The machine has a hopper with an automatic coin feed for a single denomination operation. The PRC 100 processes pre sorted coins. The double knob adjustment allows simple setup. One setting of the knob is enough to select the proper denomination out of a maximum of 10 different denominations. Coins which are smaller by at least 0.5 mm than the p resent set denomination are off sorted
automatically. A memory allows the storage of the counted coins.

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PRC 110

The PRC 110 has all of the capabilities of the PRC 100 with the added feature of a higher volume coin hopper.

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LAC-17 Automatic Wrapper by Laurel 

The Laurel LAC-17 is a fast, cost-effective, stand alone automatic coin wrapper, suitable for medium-large volume coin processing applications.


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Cleaning Kits

These small, yet jam-packed kits really pack a punch with cotton swab applicators, chemical swabs, disposeable chamois, and flat and tight angle cleaning tools to remove the dust and debris that build up on your machine during the course of daily use.

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