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CRS 6515

The REIS CRS 6515 Self-Service Coin Deposit System is simple on the outside, but on the inside, a world of technology. Designed for the financial, retail and grocery markets, this machine is designed to be user friendly with a simple one button operation. For the operator or teller, a time saving investment, the CRS 6515 counts and sorts coin into bags which can be set to accept up to full fed bag, or can be counted into a mixed bin.

Wood kiosk image Customizable kiosks(wood grain shown) are available.

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Eagerly anticipated, intelligent, and fresh out of the box, SUZOHAPP proudly presents the ultimate, mid-weight, strong and reliable coin counter/sorter. An exciting contender to make an entrance into the cash solution ‘ring’, the ICX Active-9 is perfect for medium sized businesses, especially those wishing to process medium volumes of coin without having to worry about reliability and capability.


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The latest DTC solution is designed to satisfy the market’s need for reliable and modern cash processing. It is a strong performer in sorting and counting, as well as in rejecting foreign and damaged coins. Through the unique sensor technology the solution offers outstanding accuracy, combined with reliable functions. Maximise the efficiency at the same time as you increase the accuracy, enabling you to focus on more profitable tasks.


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CS3310R (Rebuilt)

The CS-3310 coin counting/sorting/packaging machine has been recognized as the most accurate and durable product on the market. The ever reliable coin detection system recognizes and rejects foreign coins before they reach the sorting rail, producing an accurate and exact count every time.




LPC-2 Automatic Wrapper by Laurel

The Laurel LPC-2 is a fast, cost-effective, stand alone automatic coin wrapper, suitable for medium-large volume coin processing applications.


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Cleaning Kits

These small, yet jam-packed kits really pack a punch with cotton swab applicators, chemical swabs, disposeable chamois, and flat and tight angle cleaning tools to remove the dust and debris that build up on your machine during the course of daily use.

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