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Cash Recyclers

LG LTA-350

The future in cash recycling is here. Increase your branch's efficiency, security and cost control with the very affordable and user-friendly LTA-350 by LG.



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The CashComplete™ RCS Solution transforms your cash handling into smart cash management, improving your business at all levels. Paired with our unique suite of software the RCS Solution is a strong back officesolution for any market.



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ARCA 2000 Cash Dispenser

The ARCA 2000 is a front-dispense, compact,four-denomination cash dispenser which supports multiple users and is designed for all your cash transactions.


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ARCA 2600 Cash Dispenser

The ARCA 2600 was designed to be simple, trouble free, easy-to-load and easyto-manage. This dispenser speeds up transactions, reduces exposed cash, and improves the customer experience. With its sophisticated, ultra-quiet performance, it may just become your new best friend.



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ARCA CM18T Cash Recycler

The graceful lines of the CM18 are indicative of the level of detail that our Italian designers placed in the engineering of this modern marvel. The CM18 automates cash processes, by accepting, authenticating and storing banknotes in a secure environment. By removing the need to count and verify currency, employees can now dedicate their attention to the customer—using technology to provide a better overall experience.



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ARCA CM18b Cash Recycler

The CM18b is a cash recycling machine with an extended deposit capability that provides benefits to retailers, commercial banks, and cash-in-transit (CiT) companies. This dual function recycler can prepare cashier tills at the start of the day and receive the returning cash at the end of the day—without any additional supervision. This eliminates labor intensive, cash related tasks from management’s responsibilities.



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ARCA CM18 Evo Cash Recycler

With a completely revolutionary design and sleek user interface, the CM18 Evo bridges the gap between teller- and consumer-led transactions. Adaptable components give the Evo extraordinary versatility for use as either a teller or customer tool. Finally, a single product gives your tellers the power of cash recycling then lets you decide when you (and your customers) are ready to put the power of cash automation in their hands.



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ARCA CM18 Solo Cash Recycler

Sharing a piece of pie with your spouse or catching a movie with an old friend are communal experiences that bring people closer together. Sharing a cash recycler, not so much. With that mindset, ARCA created the personal cash recycler. It automates cash-in and cash-out transactions for a single operator, making the shared experience the one with the customer.



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